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Teat Selection: Teats should resemble mothers’ in shape and length for mouth comfort, fit and correct tooth eruption. Marsupial teats get longer as the joey grows, so progression to longer teats is important. 

Size of Hole: There is no hole in the teats, so the carer can make a hole to suit the age of the animal. Pierce the tip of the teat with a hot needle to make a hole about 1 mm in diameter, or for large animals, cut a hole with scissors. If the hole is too small, excessive sucking will quickly weaken the tip and the end will blow out. If this is happening then the hole is probably too small for the animal. Make a larger hole. The hole should be large enough for milk to drip out slowly, when the bottle is inverted.

Feeding TechniqueSmall animals can be fed using a syringe with a teat pulled over the end, to give greater control of milk flow with the plunger. Guidance should be obtained from experienced carers on correct feeding technique for different animals.



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