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Parrot Pellets Breeders Diet 10kg


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Total nutrition for breeding parrots. Extruded pellet diet containing all of the essential nutrition required for egg laying and chick rearing. 
Chicks in the nest will be fed the fortified diet by their parents; this means they will have all the nutrition necessary for strong healthy development. 

Breeding birds require extra nutrition to enable them to lay fertile eggs and rear healthy chicks. Parrot Breeder Pellets contains extra protein, vitamins and minerals to support reproduction. 
By using a balanced diet your birds become healthier and are much better equipped to deal with the rigors of sustained breeding. 
Chicks raised by parents being fed on breeder pellets will wean directly on to maintenance diet pellets. 

Recommended for: Breeding Australian and Asiatic Parrots. 

Also suitable for: Exotic Breeding Parrots (e.g. South American Parrots) 

Manufactured from whole cereal grains including maize, wholegrain legumes, groats, amino acids, lysine and methionine, salt, vitamins A, D3, E, K, B12, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, pyridoxine, folacin and biotin, minerals, calcium, phos 

Guaranteed Analysis:
Min Crude Protein 20.0%
Min Crude fat 5%
Max Fibre 3.5%
Salt (NaCI) 0.2%

Available Sizes:
350g, 2Kg, 10Kg 

1. Mix a handful of pellets and a handful of seed together in a container. Add enough hot water to make the mix sticky. Mould he mix into a rissole shape and press together. Place the freshly made rissole in the bird’s normal feeding container. The birds will initially pick through the rissole looking for seed. Repeat the process daily but slowly reduce the amount of seed and increase the portion of pellets.
2. A similar process can be done with soaked seed. This is especially useful if the hen is rearing chicks, as they tend to take food very easily.
3. A blend of dry seed and pellets can be used in a normal dish. This method is slower and acceptance varies between individual birds.
4. Removing seed and replacing it with pellets (going cold turkey) is the least preferred method. In this instance the birds should have access to fruit and vegetables at all times so they have some form of nutrition while learning what pellets are.
5. Birds that are hand tame can be offered pellets smeared with fruit or peanut butter from you hand until they get used to the taste. Although the conversion process may be a little tedious, once it is done the advantages of pellet feeding are obvious. Chicks reared by adults on pellets will automatically go to them when they are weaned. Birds that have been reared on the pellets will convert back to seed easily, especially if they have had access to some soaked seeds and seeds in fruit and vegetables.

Total Avian Nutrition for high performance. Contains all nutrition for breeding parrots. Very palatable. Excellent energy/protein ratio. Parrot pellets are fully extruded for better absorption. They eliminate waste and improve breeding performance with better nutrition levels. 

Storage & Availability:
Protect from moisture and store in a cool dry place. 

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