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Cria Rearing


Cria Rearing

 If you are breeding it is highly advisable to have Colostrum and Milk Replacers on hand in case of emergency or to simply give a cria an added boost during the important early weeks of life.

Natural Colostrum contains high levels of immunoglobulins and antibacterials such as lactoferrin, lysozyme and lactoperoxidase that provide immunity and intestinal protection to young animals. It is most important that a Cria receives sufficent Colostrum in the first 48 hours of life and if this is not available naturally Impact Colostrum Supplement is an ideal replacement. Also, when mothers milk is limited or when Cria are orphaned we recommend Wombaroo Alpaca Milk Replacer.

We also stock Pritchard Teats which are ideal for feeding your Cria.

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